MO 'Soft Gel Tips' GEL Glue 20g

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30.00 Grams
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MO 'Soft Gel Tips' GEL Glue is fast and easy to use 

Yes you read it correctly, a GEL Glue - the Perfect product for fast Soft Gel Tips Application 

Very easy, very fast and very effective 

No lifting guaranteed 


- Prep cuticles 

- Apply 1 layer of Overlay Base Gel or Gel Polish Base Gel on the natural nail & cure 

- Squeeze the Gel Glue tube and with an orange stick apply a small amount on each nail bed, press on tip to spread Gel Glue evenly all over the nail bed & cure in UV/LED for 30sec 

- No need to flash cure for 5s, No need to press and hold while flash curing

- Just apply and cure - easy & quick - long lasting - makes infills a dream come true 

- Proceed with nail treatment, your Soft Gel Tips are securely in place 

A Nail Artists must have