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MO MACRO Gel 1 - New Innovative Gel in a bottle - A Million possibilities

No need for Gel Brushes, No need for Cleansers, No need for a Builder gel, No need for silk or fibre

All you need is your Base gel, ie: MO Overlay Gel or MO Gel Polish Base,

Apply 1 layer of Base, cure and then proceed with the all 'NEW' MO MACRO Gel easy flow Builder Gel and then proceed to color or design of your choice 

- You can build a free edge, a nail tip, small to medium nail extensions

- Repair corners or broken nails with a simple application of 1 layer of MO MACRO Gel

- Build a Perfect C-Curve, Enhance any nail shape

- A thin but super strong strengthening layer

- Cool cure formula

- No more broken nails, no more thick nails

- Long Lasting

- Easy removal, but even better,  easy Infill

- Never have a Clients broken nail again

- Super Easy to use, cures in 30sec

- A Nail Builder in a Bottle that every nail technician will love