Every hand tells a story, and it doesn’t always take an expert to read what each one has to say. It’s more than the ring on her finger, the scar on her wrist or lines in her palms, it’s the story told on her skin. A woman’s hand never lies and that is why at Juvarlene we believe in embracing your story and ensuring it to be timeless journey of inner beauty.

We resonate with the matured women, who have experienced life and have a story of their own to share. They take care in their appearance right down to the little detail, not for anyone else, but for themselves.

We want this product to revive your confidence and to have love for your natural self.

Anti-aging hand serum

Juvarlene anti-aging hand serum will reduce wrinkles and promote smooth soft timeless hands. You can see and feel the results in less than 10 seconds.

This luxury products also has 24k dissolving Gold speckles inside.

Anti-aging hand lotion

Juvarlene anti-aging collagen and lotion rejuvenates the skin and keeps it hydrated throughout the day. Should be used with the hand serum to see the best results.

Natural ingredients sourced from mother nature

With the most important philosophy in mind of Safety, Health and the environment, MO Nails (our manufacturer was created). Juvarlene products are all 100% VEGAN, animal cruelty FREE and eco-friendly. We believe and embrace everything natural from our ingredients to every timeless women using our products.